BEK Lightband Internet

High-speed, fiber-optic gigabit internet service puts you light years ahead of cable and satellite. We have the awards to prove it.
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WholeHome Wi-Fi

Dead spots in your house? Never again with BEK WholeHome Wi-Fi. Use mobile devices anywhere, and while walking around, without losing connection. Plus, take advantage of our BEK Freedom app with network protection and parental controls.
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BEK Freedom App

The BEK Freedom app manages all your family’s devices and content access. You can customize what is appropriate to keep your family safe online and make sure your network is secure from malicious cybernet attacks.
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Speed Test

Find out your internet download and upload speed in mbps per second with our internet speed test.
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You can earn $100 every time you refer a friend and they sign up for one or more of our services. A $100 credit will show up on your bill the month after your friend activates their service.
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Broadband Assistance

The Lifeline Program provides a discount for qualifying low-income consumers on telephone or broadband services to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities to connect to jobs, family and emergency services.
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Customer Support

If you're having trouble with any of your services, BEK's customer support team is always happy to assist you. We have also created some helpful online resources and step-by-step user guides for your convenience.
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