Cloud Services


Access and Protect Your Data Anywhere

Back up your data and information securely, access it easily and save yourself money, time and heartaches in the process.

Put your head in our cloud

BEK’s cloud-based solutions make computing and security easy, with total access from a computer or mobile device. Plus, in the process you save on extra computers, drives and programs, sidestep the mad scramble of recapturing what’s gone or infected, and avoid the sinking feeling from lost photos, videos or home management data.

Antivirus Protection

Keep spying, prying and damaging viruses at bay with our advanced and comprehensive Avast antivirus solution.
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avast antivirus package for residential homes

Backup and
Running Fast

If – when – your computer goes down, you’ll be able to restore your files and data quickly and move on with your life. And since everything on BEK Backup is encrypted, it’s absolutely secure.
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Woman looking at her computer knowing that there is always fast, easy backups available

Your Information, Supported Locally

We aren’t your “normal” cloud services provider. Instead of your data, images and video held hostage to distant phone support, you get fast, local help from BEK. If there’s an issue, you call us and we’ll be on it right away.


You can earn $100 every time you refer a friend and they sign up for one or more of our services. A $100 credit will show up on your bill the month after your friend activates their service.
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Customer Support

If you're having trouble with any of your services, BEK's customer support team is always happy to assist you. We have also created some helpful online resources and step-by-step user guides for your convenience.
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